At the end of the day, we find ourselves in the dilemma of my lifetime which is an untethering from truth. Once that began quite some years ago, we were destined to move from lukewarm to hot or cold. About now people are either sweltering in Jesus or so cold they are working vehemently to destroy those who are hot.

Love is necessarily girded in truth. When that truth is ignored, discounted, treated as relative, then love becomes a confused distortion of the love God intended. Once we have therefore redefined truth and love according to our own desires, we move rapidly into deception.

We untethered from the truth that God created each of us. We untethered from the truth that once a child is conceived, that child is human being with a soul and spirit. We untethered from the truth that God created the family to be one man and one woman. We untethered from the truth that God alone determines our sex. We untethered into abject rebellion, denying that He even exists. We made ourselves god. And in that state, in fact, we are serving the evil one and not God because the truth is- those are the only two choices we have in this universe.

There was a time and not so long ago that these things would be laughable because delusion was not commonplace and absolutes were absolute. It was a time when people could disagree but understood they were standing on the same strong foundation. It was a time that life had much less drama because we existed on the same tree but simply saw from different branches. We agreed on the most obvious truths so differences were inconsequential.

But once our society began to untether from the foundational truths of life, we started spinning out of control. There are many of us still standing on solid ground. We cannot understand how anyone could deny the basic truths that surround us but we don’t see that those who have detached from truth are floating in a space above any foundation where they can easily be tossed to and fro, moved from one false reality to another with ease. Our vantage point is different than theirs. We stand on this firm foundation in Jesus Christ. Bot for those who have floated so far away, we simply cannot wrap our heads around how their very thoughts could exist, how their vision could be so unclear.

Our society, once detached from truth, floats in spaces that cannot be integrated. Until we all tether to the only truth there is- God Himself- we have little hope of finding unity. And this, in fact, is the goal of the one who deceives, who creates the lies, who convinces the vulnerable that there are no absolutes. We become as total strangers, unable to find common ground – because they have no ground.

That being said, we must know that God is not confused. He defines truth. Regardless of how deceived we can be, nothing in God changes. And everything exists within the realm of God’s creation. There are absolute truths. To be untethered from them is to be in rebellion. It is good vs evil just as He says in scripture. Those who are floating and lost are pawns of an enemy typically invisible to them. They are truly lost and in need of redemption. Sometimes redemption comes through the awakening that pain alone can bring.

We simply need to be prepared to accept that there are times that people are so far gone that pain is their only hope. Pain can be the best friend of a lost person- and a lost society. Our society is in pain in so many ways. Yet, it is this fact alone that, although uncomfortable, can bring the greatest hope of all.

To God be the glory- in the joys, in the pain, in all He knows is required to bring more and more of His own back to Him.

Don’t be afraid of pain. Rebuke any that originates from the enemy- no need to be in needless pain. But embrace any pain God is attempting to use to influence the lost, to draw repentance, to silence rebellion.

Sometimes we interfere with God’s will when we soften the blow in the life of those God is trying to reach through pain. When God calls us to rescue, we rescue. When God calls us to step out of the picture and see the frame before we act, then step out we must do.

To God be the glory for the great things He has done, is doing, will do. We trust- because we know the truth. Whatever God is allowing to happen in us, in our society, in our world, simply trust these basic and absolute truths. He loves us, He will never leave us, He is always with us, and He will see the work He is doing in us to completion.

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