A Prayer for Our World

Isaiah 5: 15-16

So people will be brought low and everyone humbled, the eyes of the arrogant humbled. But the Lord Almighty will be exalted by his justice, and the holy God will be proved holy by his righteous acts.


You are perfect in all of Your ways.  We humble ourselves before Your throne.  We are asking You to forgive our iniquity and that of our fellow citizens, even those who don’t know You – Your love, Your peace, Your joy, Your salvation.  Father we plead with You that You would show mercy, that You would bring justice, that You would uncover all that is evil and expose it for cleaning, for healing, Lord.  Only You, God, are mighty to do these things.  There is no other.

In this world we see plainly now, Lord, that You and You alone can do miraculous things to turn back the tidal wave of evil in our midst.  None of it is a surprise to You, Lord.  You have seen these days for eternity and Lord, You see the way through our current conditions and into a place where more of us seek to know You, to love You, to be like You.

Lord, You have shown in generations throughout history that there are times of justice and righteousness that are not peaceful, that are not joyful times but times of discipline which we pray leads to humility, a humility that draws us to Your throne Lord, even to Your lap.

Father, as You judge the nations, as You judge our nation, we pray Your mercy, Lord.  We pray Your mercy on all who are blind and see not the truth of their own conditions.  Let our hearts be humble and generous to those who are blind, Father, for their lot is infinitely more devastating than ours.  May we have compassion for the desire in them to know You, though it be buried.  Let us not have compassion for the evil that is blinding them but indeed pray that they would see You, Lord.

Your love, Father, is that of a good good Father who disciplines His own.   Let us open our eyes to Your discipline of us, Lord, that we may find the narrow road, the way back to the place of humility that causes us to trust in You and You alone- not a man, not any man, not a process, not an event.  Lord it is only in You that we will ever find our way to that place where we are raised above our circumstances, entering into a sacred place of eternity, praising You and receiving from You the love and affection for which our hearts long, for which our souls long.   Let us come into full awareness that it is in that place, in time with You, that we find our freedom.    Lord, You are our freedom.

We bless Your Holy Name, Lord.   We praise you now and in eternity for You are great and You are wonderful.  You, Lord, are our salvation.


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    Great post!

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