This Is Love

In those rare moments of silence, when life becomes nothing more than God’s presence, I am overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed by love that says- I will endure the agony of my skin being ripped off my body, I will endure the torture of nails being hammered through my wrists, through my ankles, I will endure being falsely accused, blamed, ridiculed, mocked… and I will endure death, all for you, because I love you.

Who do you have in your life that would do this? Name one person who would be willing to do this for you. Think a minute- beyond the noise and into the silence. Name one.

To comprehend this alone is to comprehend a love beyond everything we could imagine.

If Jesus is anything, He is personal. He did this. He suffered these things for you.

Not for a concept. Not for a platitude. Not for any other reason. For you. Personally.

This is love.

He waits for us to look Him in the face, to listen to His voice, to worship Him for He is above all… by making himself the lowest of all- sin -and saving us for an eternity in a place of love.

Thank you, Lord.

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2 Responses to This Is Love

  1. James Brooks says:


    James Brooks Sent from my iPhone


  2. carole says:

    Exactly. And Amen.


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