JAMES 2:12  Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, 13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.
Years ago I was at a church in Wilmington, NC and heard a sermon that impacts me to this day. Don’t you just love those?
It’s called prejudice and our prejudices are often so subtle. Obviously black/white issues are forefront right now and there is a lot of self-examining going on. That’s valuable but not the subject of this message. Here goes a synopsis……
In America our society tends to value three things- money, looks, and intelligence.
If someone is rich, gorgeous, and intelligent, they have it made an envied. If someone is rich, homely, and intelligent, they will do well. If someone is rich, homely, and not intelligent, well, there may be a struggle but they will probably not experience cultural rejection.
If someone is poor but gorgeous and intelligent, they will make a way and get ahead. If they are poor, gorgeous but not very intelligent, they have a fighting chance but it won’t necessarily be easy.
But if someone is poor, homely, and not intelligent, God help them. They will have a very difficult time in our society, trying to come away with any sense of worth or value.
So let’s encourage each other to examine if any of these prejudices are hidden in our own hearts. Let’s pray to see the value in people solely because God made them and died for them. We are all of equal treasure in God’s eyes. Pray for God’s eyes! And let us show mercy toward anyone negatively impacted by the societal value system.
And let us understand that wisdom is not sourced in money, beauty, or even intelligence. It is sourced from God Himself. And any of us who lack wisdom need only ask the Lord.
Some of the wisest folks I’ve ever met were those who lived in a nursing home years ago. They were old, poor, physically frail, not well educated- and the source of some of the greatest wisdom I’ve ever witnessed. I will forever treasure my hours as a teenager soaking in whatever they had to share as I asked them to tell me their stories.
Grace and peace.
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