Grace and Humility

James 4:6    But he gives more grace.  Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”   

Humility is the key to experiencing joy in life. I’m so convinced of this.  Humility means that we choose to see life through God’s eyes and not our own. And wow, what a difference this makes!   We don’t have to make things appear better than they are.  We don’t have to make things appear worse. We can look at them straight on and face them straight on because we know our worth is in Him and not in circumstances or actions, be they stellar or dismal.

And we don’t have to find the intense meaning in every little thing, either. He will reveal as He sees fit.  All we must do is listen.   We can rest in the knowledge that God alone has the master plan and that nothing goes by the wayside in His economy.  He can take abject wasteland and grow the most beautiful flowers.  We can wait on His voice to reveal the things that are important, the things that we need to do or not do in order to be called servant.  We simply must humble ourselves and obey.  And then- grace!

God-  the master creator of our universe- gives grace to the humble!   How undeserving we are and yet how willing He is.  We are so, so loved!

Take away:    Humility leads to receiving God’s absolute grace over and through our lives.   

Prayer:   God, please reveal to me what it means to live in complete humility.  Give me Your eyes to see through as I gaze upon this life, this world.  Help me to have Your perspective.  And thank You for the grace that will pour through my days as I surrender to Your will and Your ways.   

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