LISTEN- Do You Want to Know a Secret

Acts 2:38  And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

When Jesus was on this earth, people didn’t realize who he was.   And they were staring him in the face.   Not only did they not recognize who he was, they ripped the skin off of his body and nailed him to a cross.  There were only a chosen few who were able to recognize him for who he was and those people were forever changed.   The biggest change in them came after Jesus rose again and the Holy Spirit therefore was allowed to indwell those who received Jesus’ death for payment of their sins.  Once they were made pure by the sacrificed blood of God Himself, they were pure for eternity.  It is an inconceivable exchange and a free gift.

What happened when this took place?   Peter went from the scared man who denied knowing Jesus to the bold man preaching in the streets, knowing that he was going to die for it.  He was totally transformed as were the likes of the rest of the followers of Jesus Christ- because of the indwelling Holy Spirit.   It is the work of the Holy Spirit to guide us, instruct us, embolden us, cause us to see more clearly the eternal purposes that God has for us in this world.

Knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit as he speaks in us is so vital to our walk with the Lord.   And we get to know His voice much like we get to know anyone’s voice.  We hear it often enough that we can pick it out amongst a crowded room, with much other noise around- just as we can recognize the voice of a loved one even though we are surrounded by other noises.   We even come to recognize tiny pings from our phones from great distance and surrounded by competing noises.

Jesus said we would know His voice.   And we will- if we take the time to learn His voice as we do the voice of loved ones or even the noises coming from our cell phones.   We must first learn His voice and then we will be able to recognize it even when the sound clutter of the world surrounds us.

The interesting thing is, when we get to know the voice of the Holy Spirit that indwells us, we can also recognize it in someone else.   If someone tells me that God confronted them in a certain way, I recognize the voice.  When someone tells me that God revealed Himself and His love to them in a certain way, it is such a confirmation because God’s voice is so consistent.   And His thoughts are not our thoughts nor His ways our ways.

As we learn to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit indwelling us, we can hear Him throughout the day, wherever we are, if we just become still inside and listen for Him.  He is often speaking.  It’s not His voice that is always silent, though it can be.  Often times it’s the fact that we haven’t spent enough time to listen to Him that His voice gets lost in the noise of life.

Take away:  Spend time alone with the Holy Spirit.  Get to know His voice.   Read about Him, pur praise music on in a silent room and be still.   Listen.  He is speaking to you- as long as you have accepted the blood of the lamb as payment for your sins and have been made whole.  Yes, God can speak to anyone but not everyone has the indwelling Holy Spirit whispering all the day long.   Acknowledge Him.  Listen for His voice so that you will know it well and can pick it out through all of the sound clutter of life.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, please cause me to know your voice so well that I can hear you speak to me no matter where I am, no matter what i am doing.  And Lord, lead me to the quiet place where You and I can visit, alone, and speak to me there as well.  I long to hear your voice.  

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