His Endless Love

Psalm 107:1  Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good.  His steadfast love endures forever.  

This message is one of those that won’t mean much unless you let things sink in much deeper than just into your eyes.  It takes time in contemplation to allow it to sink all the way from your eyes into the deepest part of your heart.   Please take a moment.

I’m sitting here wondering what the world would look like if we all knew to the core of our being, with absolute certainty- the absolute truth.   We are loved with a steadfast love…… that endures forever. For. Ev. Er.   Umm, that means as in for-ever, steadfastly.    This most simple and most complicated truth has the power to change the world.  What if we all knew?  I don’t mean in our heads.  I mean KNEW.

Steadfast- unchanging- not depending on our performance or how we look or how “successful” we are or how much we weigh or how great our grades are in school or whether or not we got the job or if we drive a moped or a Rolls or if we live in the fancy neighborhood or are homeless…… you get the idea.   In this land we worship money, beauty and intelligence.  God doesn’t.  He loves.

We tend to hold love captive.  We can spend so much of our lives in pain because we don’t feel loved.  We can look for it in all the wrong places at a high cost to others.  We can wake up in the morning, look at the scale and let that be the deciding factor as to how we will go through the coming hours.   We can destroy ourselves emotionally if we just can’t find that good job.   We can set a standard for our own accomplishments and withhold love from ourselves and others based on those standards, whatever they are.

Please read this slowly and contemplate deeply each word.

Steadfast.  Unchanging.  Never wavering.  A constant.  Unquestionable.  Faithful. Steadfast.

Forever.   Not without one second of hesitation.  Every single day of our lives and every single moment of eternity.

Deeply, passionately loved are we.

Do you feel it?  Sit with Him for a minute.  Can you sense it?  It’s the most relevant truth there is – here, in eternity- everywhere.

Imagine a world where everyone knew and believed and lived in His truth.   We already have what we spend a lifetime searching for.    This is truth.

The song I sing to my grandchildren every chance I get is Jesus Loves Me.   It says it all.

Please receive His love right now.   And give thanks.  Lots and lots of thanks.

Take away:  The most profound thing in our existence is also the simplest truth, and the hardest one to receive in full obedience to Him.  Be obedient and believe and receive steadfast and eternal love.  It’s yours.  You don’t have to search any longer, in any one, in any thing.  It’s already there, all around you and in you.   Experience His love.   

Prayer:  Father, I give thanks to you that you love me with a never ending, steadfast and eternal love.  Please cause me to receive this truth more and more every single day of my life and if nothing else, help me to share this one thing with those in my life.  Thank you that as I come into the fullness of understanding your love, I will be free to take the pressure off of those in my life to fill the need that no one can fill but you alone.  Praise you, Lord.  I am so grateful for your love.

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