For Such a Time as This

John 4:42 They said to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.”

It is a great lesson.  We must listen to Him, personally, one on one, to fully understand and fully believe.  

If all we read are headlines, our understanding of what is happening in the world is extremely limited and our joy can quickly dissipate.    When Jesus said that we are in this world but not of it, He really meant it.   If we are not of this world, then we understand our place in it is to represent Him to those who are lost.   The more lost they become, the more we are to focus on being a lamp, not a flashlight shining their sin into their eyes so they can’t see anything.  People need to be led to the Lord, gently and with care, with love and with empathy.   It doesn’t mean we go into the deep mire with them.  It means we stand above the mire, with a lamp whose light they can see from the dark place in which they stand.  We are primarily a faith of attraction, not promotion.  

It’s time to rise up and see the bigger picture.  It’s not just in the United States that satan is attacking. It is across the globe.  And his primary tools?  Attack the one area that will hit the heart of the Father more than anything-  procreation.  If satan can impact procreation and the family structure in which humans thrive, he can effectively pervert the future of those who are and who were to be created in His image.  

So how does satan do such a thing?   It’s multifaceted.  He attacks the sanctity of sex in marriage.  This started many decades ago when affairs became more commonplace, leading to divorce.  Divorce became more commonplace, leading to a generation injured by its relentless wounds.   Happily ever after became not a goal for which to strive but a dream that may or may not come true, without any real societal consequence.  The barriers eroded but the injury, especially to children, never changed.  It just manifested in self-destruction and dysfunction.   

Move next to further destroy marriage by legitimizing perversion.   Homosexuality has been around since the Old Testament where God made it clear He finds it abhorrent. Jesus never contradicted that which was not meant to be changed.   It makes sense that it would be abhorrent to Him because biologically it goes against His obvious design and it prevents men and women who were intended to be married to never have that opportunity because they are lost in the enemy’s trap.   The spirit of homosexuality is running rampant across the globe and is about as arrogant a demon as I’ve ever dealt with in deliverance ministry.  The fangs are deep and can be there pre-birth due to generational sin that has not been nailed to the cross.   

But now we have so rapidly moved from homosexuality to gender fluidity, the intended purpose of which is to destroy the family by the removal of any such thing as “male and female” from our society, God’s ultimate design for His people.  This removal of “male and female” is the end game of sexual perversion and the battle went into turbo drive just in the past year.  The traction it has gained has been beyond human, as though time is speeding up so fast our heads should be spinning.   Now we have elementary children, without capacity for reasoned thought,  being spoon fed lies instead of being parented and nurtured to accept who God made them.   This is tragic and it’s global.

And then there’s abortion.  Not only does this cause death to millions of children across the globe, it causes soul death to mothers and fathers.   That soul death sometimes takes time to manifest but by year 7 to 10, it generally leaves a path of severe destruction in its wake.

Next there’s euthanasia.  This one is coming on strong globally as well.  Recently a young woman in Europe was euthanized because she was eating disordered and depressed.  Dear God, help us.

We are seeing a culture of death taking so many forms and shapes-  but the end game of all of these is the same and so is the root.

Have we stopped to consider why this has covered the globe,  simultaneously?   There are ‘safe schools’ in Australia now encouraging transgenderism and allowing cohabitation of boys and girls in bathrooms, bedrooms on school trips, locker room showers, etc.   There’s a Catholic Cardinal in Spain who has had charges brought against him for speaking against the gay agenda.   The state of California is currently considering voting in such a way as to eradicate all Christian colleges within its borders unless they conform to the secularism of transgender acceptance and refuse to require a statement of faith or a mandatory class in the Bible, among other things.    

This is not just in America.  This is not just in Europe.  This is not just in Australia.  This is a wave across the globe by satan himself.  There is no other conclusion we could possibly reach but to think there is a consistent force, marking itself in so many places globally and simultaneously.  Just take that in.

The interesting thing is, satan is working both ends against the middle.  As he strives toward an acceptance of perverse and unnatural as normal among many, he is rising up others to kill and destroy those very same people who are caught in his trap.   So here come those who live today in the ways of the Old Testament.  They are killing the victims of the spirit of homosexuality, his own demon setting them up.  They are killing believers in Christ.  They are killing Jewish people, the same spirit that motivated Hitler to murder them.  (How can anyone see the historical and continual move of satan against God’s chosen people throughout history and not see clearly that there is a consistent enemy in the spirit realm moving through the generations?)

It’s a clever plan but satan has never been accused of being stupid.    He is ushering in end times and God is allowing the current and future pain that this sin will bring in order to bring us to a repentant state, that we would once again know our need of Him.  In His mercy, He will call us to Himself.

In the meantime, lifelong relationships are being shattered, families are not being created as God intended,  artificial families based in perversion are being manufactured in laboratories, and a significant portion of the church is swept into the lie that somehow, thousands of years into God being God, He’s changed His mind, decided He did biology wrong, and has mocked Christ’s death by saying what He once made clear to be sin is no longer sin.

God help us.  God forgive us.  God show us mercy.  

Take away:  I implore you-  please stay on your face.  Please read scripture every day.   Please seek God as to what He wants you to do in order to shine light into this increasingly dark world.   Please do not become part of the darkness by allowing bitterness, anger, frustration to rule your heart or your mind.   We are the light.  We are His representatives.  

I implore you-  do not think that you have to compromise the truth in order to love.  THIS is the narrow road.  It’s not always cleared for us either.  Sometimes we just have to take out the double-edged sword which is the word of God in order to decipher how to stay on the narrow road of truth and love, not one without the other.    

I will pray for you.  Please pray for me.   And together, let us pray for our world.  Be in it but not of it.   We can’t bury our heads in the sand.  We must keep an eye on what is happening across the globe, in our country, in our state, in our city.  We must do whatever we can to stave off this tidal wave of destruction.  But also remember this-  God is able.  God is God.  We are to represent Him.  His grace toward us in the forgiveness of our sins should keep us humble in our role of being His ambassadors.   

Prayer:  Dear God, help us!  Help us to know exactly how to represent You best in this ever and rapidly changing world in which we live.   Help us to understand what it means to be in this world but not of it.  And help us to do what You want us to do and love the way You want us to love.  Help us always to know You more.  Teach us spiritual warfare in these warring times, that we may know our authority in the face of satan’s power. 

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4 Responses to For Such a Time as This

  1. matt says:

    Very well said about the times we live in…it’s the truth. God help us. God ,thank you that your light dispels the darkness!

  2. Libby Hueschen says:

    Very well said. The enemy is very clever. He hates us with a passion and mankind keeps falling into his slippery pit every time. It seems though that the devil’s perversion has no limits.

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