I Will Tell You Great Things, says the Lord- Part 3

Galatians 5:1  For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

Hopefully you have done some of your inventory and are feeling a level of freedom that you didn’t have before.   My suggestion to you is that you do this process with the Lord on an ongoing basis for the rest of your life.  There’s such intimacy with the Father when we become still and allow him to open us up and clean out whatever is there that is not of Him.  Please try not to skip this first process before moving to the next because it’s foundational.   But regardless, keep believing that God told the truth when He said we would hear His voice.

The next step is to find your sanctuary- that place where you can start to regularly meet with Him privately.  For me, it was the bathtub.  I’d fill it with bubbles and light some candles and play soft worship music.  It’s always been about water for me.  I tend to hear God’s voice most clearly when I’m around water-  looking at the ocean or a lake, being in a tub or shower, it all works for some reason.  But it sure doesn’t have to be that.  It could be your bed, your closet, your sitting room, wherever you can be assured of being alone with Him.  Just make it your place.

Find that worship/praise album that moves you the most.   The Lord says He inhabits our praises.  (Psalm 22:3) That’s why the early church started services with praise music- to usher in the Holy Spirit.  Nothing has changed. Start your time with the Lord by praising His holy name.  The music and your words are surely useful to inviting Him into this alone place with you.  As for me, I began hearing the voice of the Lord clearly doing with with one specific album.  It’s an old one and super traditional.   It’s called “We Are Called” by Steve Fry.  It’s a full on worship experience that worked for me.   Whatever you use, make sure it’s music that is actively praising God, not just songs about Him but songs sung TO him.

Spend some time listening, praising, worshiping.   Put all your needs, wants, struggles, desires aside and focus your mind solely on Him, not what you need Him to do for you.  Praise Him for His holiness, His justice, His intense and never ending love, His faithfulness, His completeness, His beauty, His sovereignty, and on and on.   Ask Him to enter into your praises and be there with you, that you long for Him to spend time with you.  You want to hear His voice.

Just learn to rest in this place, calm your mind and your emotions and find your spirit.    In scripture there is clear indication that we all have a spirit and God is Spirit.  His is capitalized and ours is not.   It is through your personal spirit that you will connect with the Lord.

Sometimes our spirits can be crushed or broken.   He will either heal or replace them, so scripture says.   This process is still great for those with crushed or broken spirits.  Praising God and seeking His face is always a good and powerful thing.

Ok, I’m going to leave this here for now.  Please share with me any experiences you are having and any questions you might have.

Take Away:   Make a time and a place for you to spend moments with the Father, private moments that only belong to the two of you.   Intimacy is what He requires so an intimate environment is a helpful tool.

Prayer:   Dear Jesus, I want to know you more.   Please draw me close to You, to time alone with You, to privacy with You.  Let this time with You be the most valuable of my daily life.   I love you, Lord.  I’m desperate to hear Your voice.  Show me, Father.

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