If we ever become so confident in our understanding of the Lord that we refuse to listen to input difficult to hear, then we have lost humility and must come again to the foot of the cross for the Lord to reveal those things we cannot see. The log in our own eye is no joke. Trust that it is there. Be grateful for those who are willing to risk that your love for the Lord will keep you from rejecting them and therefore they are willing to speak of such things to you. It’s a gift.

We pray for humility, We trust God to speak through others. We remain teachable. If those things are not in place in our lives, we are vulnerable to deception because we have absorbed some level of pride.

Stay humble! Stay near to the refiner’s fire! Stay confident that He is not done with us yet! Praise God we do not have to be perfect people. We simply have to be perfectly committed to and focused on the Perfect One.


Cause your people to remain humble. Cause us to be full of grace and mercy toward others and also toward ourselves for the logs that might exist. Help us to be open to correction and willing to listen without receiving any shame messages from the enemy for ourselves or anyone else. You know how the enemy can use our imperfections to shame us. We refuse that shame, Lord. in Your name. We refuse to shame others.

Instead, Lord, keep us in a constant state of gratitude for refiner’s fire. We want to know You more. We want to be like You. We desire to be open to Your fire, Father.

Help us to be willing to speak truth in love- especially to those in whose lives we have invested. We need each other, Lord. We need to point to You and to be willing to be once again pointed to You, the only One who is without need of growth and refinement.

Lord, we pray to be a humble AND confident people, understanding fully what the balance of those two are and that they are not mutually exclusive.

As we move into the boldness into which I believe You are calling us, cause us to be bold with tough truth but saturate the toughest truth with the HOPE of who You are, what You have promised, and that You, Lord, are so much greater than he who is in the world.


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2 Responses to TO REMAIN HUMBLE

  1. Caitlin Ball says:

    This is great, Laurel! We just talked about humility today in church and how much strength humility actually takes. We need help!!

    Blessings to you!

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