The Urgency of Christ

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He just is. He makes us in this world but not of it. As we see the world through the creator’s lens, everything comes clearly into view. And the view is inherently immensely different from when our eyes only saw that which was in front of us instead of that while lies in the heavenly realm. We want desperately for those who don’t see it to be able to see it, to know the freedom, to know the immeasurable peace. Yet the ruler of this world darkens their view, removes their hope, and brings pain and suffering as the lost see roads before them that seem right but lead to their own destruction. The time is now to praise Him, to worship Him, and to trust Him for the lives of those we love. We must battle. We battle on our knees. Bow down, followers of Christ, and trust Him to open the eyes of those that you may see as forever lost. He is great and mighty to save. Come Jesus, come. Set the captives free. Lead us into your presence that we may seek your face for the souls of those who would want to know the truth.

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