Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!
Listen and hear and heed to the Word! In Christ we do not have to condemn ourselves. In Christ we give ourselves much, much grace!
Are you afraid?
Do not fear. It’s an order BECAUSE He knows and understands that we will be afraid. Do we have to beat ourselves up because we fear? Heck no! We certainly do not! We just don’t sit there and remain there and invite a spirit of fear to join us. We move forward THROUGH the fear into peace. It’s a process most of the time, not an event. It’s ok to have fear. Just move along with it and “walk out your salvation” from fear.
Are you dismayed, discouraged?
It’s understandable! The world is a different world than we have known before and I think we all sense that there is a full on major shift going on around us that is spiritually based, manifesting itself in the natural. It’s not easy to watch! Acceptance is key- to accept that this is really happening, not that you surrender to it but that you simply do not live in denial.
Are you grieving?
I know I am! I’m grieving the loss of the America I have always known. I’ve been grieving this for quite some time as this onslaught became more and more apparent over the past decade. Recognize grief for what it is and let it wash over you like a wave. Fighting it just gets you stuck in it. Give yourself permission to grieve.
PLEASE DO NOT allow the enemy to shame you for being afraid, for being dismayed, for being discouraged, for grieving! That would be his goal- to make you hide in these emotions and try to deny them. We must operate in truth and love- even for ourselves.
We move through these things into a fuller awareness that yes, we are in this world but no, we are not of it. Our home is in heavenly places and we are here to know Him more. We are living in amazing times. All we must do is trust and obey. Always trust and obey. Our God will never leave us, will never forsake us, will never shame us or condemn us. Ever. For any reason. If you are feeling either, forgive yourself and tell the enemy to be GONE in the name of Jesus!
Seek His face, allow Him in. Use the serenity prayer as a tool if you choose. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
And move into peace and joy – the supernatural kind that only God can provide. And then you will know Him deeper still.
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