1 Peter 2:15 For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people.

Duck. Deflect. Disarm. You can choose whether or not to be offended.

Seek to see through God’s eyes, from an eternal perspective.

Remember that those who are confident in their stance are generally not venomous. If they are venomous, then they are probably unsure and actually the ones easier to impact. If someone told you 2 + 2= 5, would you rage? Would you even feel compelled to be defensive? Probably not.

Don’t self-protect. Put your arms down by your side and trust Him. Let God protect you.

Speak to the root. Don’t get lost in the branches. It’s a waste of time. Ask God to reveal the root if it’s not obvious. Choose silence until it’s known.

Set clear boundaries within yourself. Disengage when they are crossed. State it clearly and without condemnation- that you will not engage when respect is discarded, when personal attacks or vulgarity are present.

Engage when conversation is adult-adult. Notice when it slips into parent-child. Bring it back to adult when possible. Parent is anything that demands you do, think, etc a certain way. Child is victim.

Rarely if ever use sentences that start with “you”.

Remember. We are all lost until we are found. It is our calling to reach the lost more than it is our calling to defend ourselves.

Be grateful always that you know the Truth. We are blessed beyond measure. Don’t forget compassion for those who don’t.

Never have compassion for evil at work in a person. Always have compassion for their soul. Try to see them through God’s eyes.

Dear Lord,

Help us to stand. Teach us to not fear evil.

We aren’t the offense- going after. We aren’t the defense- retreating.

We stand – in truth and love. Ignoring neither.

Longing to know You more.


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