When we are young, we wish we had the “freedom” that adults have to make all their own decisions, etc. When we are adults, we wish we had the “freedom” that children have to not worry about providing, bills, work, politics, etc.

But what we are all longing for is the FREEDOM that only Christ can bring which is freedom that comes within and is not influenced by any event or situation exterior to our own spirit. And the more we obey, do what He tells us to do to walk in freedom, the more peace and joy we have, regardless of circumstance.

That’s not to say that God doesn’t value external freedom. He does! His way is freedom, proven by His choice to give us free will. And free will is the foundational requirement for love to exist.

Freedom is worth the fight. Freedom in our nation and freedom in the world are God’s design for which we must stand. It is a high calling. It’s our calling. If not us, then who? Ours is a high calling with an eternal purpose. There are no others on the planet who have been called to stand as we are called by our God. We are the ones who must rise and shine. His body must speak truth in love, unashamed. To whom much has been given much is expected.

Knowing that regardless of our circumstance or the response of others, we are free, brings the confidence to wage the battle as Paul did from a prison cell. We need not be afraid.

John 8: 36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

That’s true freedom. It’s ours to live. It’s ours to proclaim.

Thank you, Jesus. What a gift!

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